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Team 7

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Game7 AAU Basketball is to promote the continued development of young players as it relates to fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship and athletic competition. This will be achieved through participation in tournaments throughout the country and competing at the highest level possible. Coaching each player in reaching their maximum potential and contribution in the game of basketball and in transforming those skills from the basketball floor today, to become leaders in our communities tomorrow.

Our goal is to build character and self esteem through education and sports at the highest level. Our programs will provide the foundation for academic achievement and guidance needed for the college selection process. Team concepts are an absolute necessity for our athletes. We encourage a style of basketball that requires tremendous intensity on defense and total unselfishness on offense. We demand that our student athletes be in great mental and physical condition and that they excel on and off the basketball court.

Our philosophy of playing man-to-man defense to help the players improve their game as individuals is the same. We want all of our players to work on handling the ball and playing the guard positions in practice even though they may not play that position in games. In other words, winning is important to us but not as important as us teaching our players the right way to play and getting the most out of them. Having them play zones, and running a lot of plays may help us win games but it’s not worth it to us. They will improve more playing man to man, and trying to "make plays" instead of "running plays".

We will also continue to hold the boys accountable in everything they do on and off the court because we care about them, they will have to hold passing grades in school. When they are seniors in high school, we want all of these boys to be the top players and men at their respective schools…. that is our goal, Its not to win the AAU championship. We understand there are other teams out there, that are probably better than us but we don’t think they will develop as well as they will with Game7….   and in the end this is what we want for our kids.  AAU basketball is just the vehicle to where we are trying to use to allow them to become those special high school players and those special people we consider leaders.
In the end we will need committed parents that are team players and want to strive to help better their child’s athletic goals.